Global Optical Fiber and Cable Conference 2019,2019全球光纤光缆大会,亚太光纤光缆产业协会(APC)
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Conference introduction:

Global Optical Fiber and Cable Conference 2019, co-hosted by the Asian-Pacific Optical Fiber and Cable Industry Association and Hengtong Group, is an international high-end conference of the optical fiber and cable industry chain. The conference is aiming at establishing and maintaining the healthy global ecology of optical fiber and cable industry; serving the speedy, stable and secure global communication network; conducting extensive cooperation and exchanges among international organizations in optical fiber and cable industry; as well as promoting product research and development, business development and rational planning of international optical fiber and cable fields.

The Conference will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Centre on 17-20 November 2019. At that time, 400-600 senior managers, experts, scholars and technological innovation talents from global optical fiber and cable manufacturing enterprises, telecommunications operators, solution suppliers, and so on, will gather in Shanghai to seek business opportunities, analyze and share industry leading information and forecasts. Besides, it is the opportunity to exchange and draw lessons from efficient and effective management model and business layout.

It is worth mentioning that the 13rd“Global|China Optical Communications Development and Competitiveness Forum (ODC Forum)” and “the Top 10 Competitiveness Enterprises in the Optical Communications Field of Global & China Market”will be held at the same time. ODC Forum, which is hosted by Optical Communications Committee of China Institute of Communications, and Asia-Pacific Optical Communications Committee, with topics ranging from optical fiber and cable, optical transmission and network access equipment, optical devices and auxiliary equipment and raw materials, discusses the trend and deep inducement of the dynamic changes in the competitiveness of optical communications enterprises, and deeply analyzes the technology, market development and value orientation of optical communication.

Conference scale:

400-600 delegates, more than 200 industry enterprises, 30 exhibition booths, 10 or so industry exchange activities, 30 industry leaders speeches.

Conference theme:

*Opportunity for optical fiber and cable in context of 5G deployment and commercial

*Technical trend of Optical Fiber and Cable in the Future

*Market forecast of Optical Fiber and Cable Industry

*Global layout of Optical Fiber and Cable Industry chain

Exhibition scope:

Optical fiber and cable manufacturer, network operator / service provider, telecom technology supplier, related material manufacturer, optical fiber production equipment manufacturer, test equipment manufacturer, installation material manufacturer, financial investment analysis agency, etc.

Reasons for attending:

*Plough the market. Listening to industry experts and leaders from all over the world to make a dynamic and in-depth analysis in field of optical fiber and cable and its industrial chain, as well as the optical communications market, so as to better grasp the pulse of the industry

*Share business opportunities. Interacting with 400-600 colleagues in the industry and expanding the new layout of your career

*Follow the trend. Asking senior scholars and experts in the global industry to find out the development trend of industry market, technology and value